Sakrada Building Blocks

The Sakrada building set is a true stand-out among traditional wooden block sets!  This 10-piece block set comes in an appealing pastel color palette that babies and tots love.  Plus easy-to-grip pieces help improve everything from manual dexterity to small fine motor skills like clutching and object placement.

The unique rich color palette introducing young children to pastel colors and improve their color recognition, while stimulating visual and tactile senses.  Made in Germany from all-natural beech wood and safe water-based paints!  This high-quality wooden toy stands the test of time and can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, starting at even 18 months!

There's endless possibilities for original structures with Sakrada blocks, so preschools can help expand on their building and creative thinking skills by perusing more complex forms.

Makes a memorable and special gift for the holidays!

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