Buzz! Cooperative Board Game

Recommended for 3+

Get Busy, Bees! It's a race to collect nectar drops and beat the bear to the hive. To start, place all the nectar drops on their corresponding colors on the board. Each player chooses a colored basket. Place the bear on the board, on the spot that matches how many players are in your game. Take turns rolling the dice! If you roll a number, move your basket along the lines - forward, backward or sideways. Pick up your color nectar drops as you move over them. If a player rolls "All Play 3," each player get to move 3 spaces. If you roll a bear paw, the bear moves forward one space. Work together and decide the best ways to move around the board to collect nectar. If all players get their baskets full of nectar to the hive before the bear arrives, you all win!


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