Solid Cherry Kitchen

  • United States Made in United States
Recommended for 4+

Created with the warmth and durability of solid cherry with walnut and birch accents, this kitchen was designed for multi-generational play. This kitchen does not contain ANY plywood, particleboard/pressboard or soft pine. The stove, burner and faucet knobs work flawlessly and smoothly without the use of any metal hardware. The brushed metal sink bowl is made from heavy gage stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning. A sliding cutting board pulls out 12" to allow access for more children. Oven and sink doors operate on self-closing hinges. We also included a partition that divides the oven from the sink compartment for more realistic play and safety. To prevent water damage to the counter top and expand the possibilities of play, we opened up the back of the kitchen allowing it to be positioned against a wall or in the middle of a room.

The kitchen is shipped partially assembled. All one needs to do is slide on the hutch and screw on the walnut handles (2 minutes max) and the play is ready to begin.

Measures: 24 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 39 inches tall. The counter is 22.5 inches from the floor, and the hutch shelving is 5 inches deep.

This over-size item is available to ship in the continental U.S. only. 

Please note there is an extra $50 shipping charge associated with this item.


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