In the late 1980's, The Ark Toy Store was started in Sacramento, California in order to provide customers with high-quality wooden, educational and imaginative toys and games that met  Waldorf School standards.  After a brief stint at another location, The Ark, as it is also known, settled in a quaint store in Noe Valley, San Francisco in 1997.  It is there that The Ark began to expand its offering to include classic and all-around fun toys.
After several years of continued success, The Ark opened a larger location in Berkeley, California and started to carry top-of-the-line, exceptional and heirloom toys.  The new mix of toys and games became legendary to the Bay Area and the stores continued to grow.  With both stores flourishing, The Ark opened its flagship location in the prestigious Presidio Heights area of San Francisco, California.
With the third location opened, The Ark solidified its position as San Francisco's best toy store after winning numerous awards by various publications and organizations year after year.  Our wide selection of toys, ranging from classic, fun toys you may have grown up with to the most exquisite toys available from all over the world, has contributed to our success and reputation. 
Throughout our history, The Ark's mission has been to offer its customers the absolute highest-quality toys, games and services available, while not forgetting the old-fashioned, all around fun toys that challenge our imaginations and expand our capacity to think and grow.
We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy our site.


Great toys are just the beginning!

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